“The Stairway to Heaven Manuscript” by Steve Meyer

The Ark of the Covenant (replica in George Was...

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Little did I know at the time that these 10 pages — 7 hand written and 3 typed (printed email pages) would change my life forever, and allow me to do the same for others. Each page is presently housed in its own archival holder, with all 10 stored in a custom-made metal / padded case for protection. (pics below)

 The Stairway to Heaven Manuscript ” is presently not published, and the 1 and only copy is presently stored in a “secure location”. An instructional manual for use of the Sixth Sense.

Steve Meyer / New Thought Energy Healer


The 10 Commandment tablets, The Holy Grail, Burning Bush, UFO’s and The Ark of the Covenant all have (at least) 2 common bonds — they are believed to have powers that are ‘not of this known world’, defying  the present laws of physics …..and they are surrounded by intrigue and mystery, as there is, as of the time this is being written, no physical proof of their existence.

I will gladly take ANY lie detector test or cat scan by anyone at anytime, in an attempt to add credibility; verify as best I can my “experience”.

I HAVE reached Infinite Intelligence (God) ; “tapped” into its unimaginable yet REAL Power, and  thru it gained the ability to INSTANTLY HEAL the human mind…1st mine, and now yours.  There is now a physical blueprint / instruction manual providing detailed instructions to communicate with Infinite Intelligence to achieve HolisticDNA Energy Healing – the key to a doorway, which when entered, allows the ability to repeat this “communication / healing” over and over again….

लेखक डैन ब्राउन स्टीव meyer संत anthonys चर्च पिता mollinger

Levitation video coming soon……ability using this “technology”

“The Stairway to Heaven Manuscript” pics: (click each pic to enlarge)


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